Never Run On A Flat Tire With These Tips

August 21, 2020MechVibesblog

Ever Run on a flat tire whiles driving? Experiencing or run on a flat tire whiles driving can be tedious to work on. This how Wikipedia explain about flat tires.

There are few key factors to consider when purchasing car tires. Brand, durability, size, budget, etc.- all comes to place when deciding to purchase a new set of tires for your vehicle. Your decision will determine the lifeline of your investment.

Also, to keep your vehicle free from any type damage such as flat tires, crack rims, bad tire pressure valve and leaks, most car owners drives with caution, keep few distance from other vehicles and choose better roads whiles driving.

Besides, incidence can still occur whiles you drive, these incidence may not be your fault. Here, is advisable to always insure your vehicle for your safety and other drivers and team on board.

There are so many ways a flat tire damage can occur on your vehicle. Leaks, bad pressure valves and cracked rims are among the worst and should be taken into consideration.

Besides, flat-tires are unforeseen damages and it may be advisable to keep your spare tire in your vehicle always. Driving over a flat tire can cause huge damage to your vehicle.

If you experience flat tire whiles driving, here’s a step-by-step plan of action on what to do.

1. Take a photograph of it!

The first thing to do if you run on a flat tire whiles driving is to take a photograph of the damage! This proves as a form of evidence if your vehicle is insured. Not only to fill our pocket but also for safety and awareness of individual life.

2. Drive Slowly Out-of-the-Road

Driving slowly out of the road is a safety measure which can help save your life and car from any incident. Besides, this will help ease vehicle movement especially when stacked in traffic.

Kindly park at a safe place where you can easily have assistance and security.

3. Secure vehicle

After you have drive slowly out of the road, quickly pull out your safety triangle and and make sure to fix them at the front and rear of your vehicle.

This safety triangle helps notify other motorist moving along that path. Always make sure you have few tools in your car, if not then check out these top essential tools which you can keep in your vehicle

4. Contact Roadside Assistance

After you have safely secured your vehicle, lets quickly get a roadside assistance to help in this situation. Roadside assistance is a team of technicians who are expert in their field and can help rectify problems related to cars and its maintenance.

You can easily contact a roadside assistance team to help you out and get back on the road safely.

MechVibes Autosports, Barshook car tires and Auto-Lab Diagnostics are few out there that can are known of their authenticity. They provides the best mobile and roadside assistance at a cheaper rate.


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How To Fix A Flat Tire

Besides, if you have a bit of skills on how to fix and remove stuffs on cars, then check this additional bonus for you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for our fresh and new post.

I have outline an additional step-by-step guide on how to fix a flat tire by yourself if you experience this whiles driving or anywhere else.

Besides, this procedure will help you get back on the road safely.

Step 1. Secure Vehicle

Here, get the tires secure with a square object placed directly opposite the flat tire. You should also place your safety triangle at both ends of the vehicle if you found your self near a busy route or highway.

Step 2. Get the required tools

Using the right tools helps get the job done easily and safe. Your spare tire, Jack stand, Axle stand, wheel spanner and slacking pipe. These tools can help you get back on the road and the job done easily.


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Step 3. Getting the job done

Now your tools are ready, is time to get-going, let’s take it from here;

  • Slack the flat tire thread nut/bolt. This can be done using the slacking pipe and the wheel spanner. You can also use an impact gun/tool if you have one.
  • After slacking, jack the vehicle up. Make sure you secure it with a jack stand to prevent the car from slipping sideways.
  • Now take of the slacked thread bolt/nut using the wheel spanner. Take your time when doing this, you can cross the thread on the bolt/nut.
  • Go ahead and remove the old tire(flat tire) and fix the spare tire(new tire). Take your time when doing this.
  • After securely fixing your spare/new tire, now re-thread the loosen bolts/nuts taken from each threaded hole.
  • Besides, make sure its fully tighten. This can be done with the wheel spanner. Go ahead and re-jack the vehicle up, take off the axle stand and drop down the vehicle slowly by jacking the vehicle anti-clockwise.
  • Now the vehicle is back on the road, but make sure you re-tighten the nut/bolts once again. This is done to give the tires a firm grip to avoid any incidence whiles driving.
  • Finally, re-arrange your tools and other special items used and get back on the road. Make sure to keep these items in your trunk always.

Your View

I believe the above tips would help you get back on the road safely if such an emergency occur. What do you think it was left out, your views and suggestions will be appreciated.

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