Garage Safety Tips

September 13, 2019MechVibesblog

Are you looking for top safety tips for your garage, workshop or project? Safety is a top priority in every working environment.

Safety is the condition of being protected from unforeseen cause. You can save yourself a lot of distress if you take few simple precautions.

We came up with 8 garage safety tips which can save you from stress and any unforeseen incidents. Check out the following.


  1. Fire safety
  2. Eye safety
  3. Tool safety
  4. Car battery safety
  5. Axle stand safety
  6. Jack stand safety
  7. Compressed air safety
  8. Electronic lift safety

Let’s set the ball rolling by explaining each one of them and understand how it works.

*Fire safety

The safest way to deal with fire is to prevent it. Here, you are advised to keep fire extinguishers around the workshop. Fire flames spread very faster and easily.

Always take caution when dealing with items that can easily cause fire outbreak.

* Eye safety

Appreciate the use of safety googles when ever working or at the workshop. Safety googles can help you from causing damage to your eyes.

*Tool safety

Always remember to use the right tool for the right job. Refusing to use right tool for specific jobs can really delay your job and in most cases encounter injuries.

*Car battery safety

Take caution when charging batteries. Remember to correspond the right cable to the specific terminal. Refusing can cause fire outbreak which can burn your vehicle. Read this article on how to jump start a car safely.

*Axle stand safety

Always remember to use correct axle stands when securing vehicles. Also, make sure to place axle stands on level surface and hard grounds to prevent it from sinking.

Never trust axle stands.

*Jack stand safety

When a vehicle is jacked up or placed on axle stand, try to give it few shakes to confirm the axle stand is fully engaged.


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*Compressed air safety

Hoses and lines should be rated to meet maximum operating pressure.

Do not use air that is set above 30 PSI for cleaning dust and dirt.

Never point compressed air at yourself or another person.

*Electronic lift safety

Always lower the lift completely before moving the equipment or vehicle.

Besides, those who use motorcycle lifts, make sure to fix stand accurately before operating the lift to avoid damage of vehicle components.

Besides, take caution when vehicle is lift high and remember to lower lift when done using it.

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