The Ultimate Guide to help Extend your Car Battery Life

April 6, 2020MechVibesblog

There are great tips out there on ways to extend your car battery life and save big on battery cost. We have put down top great tips to get you going.

In Automotive, car battery helps supply electrical loads to all electrical and electronic components found in the vehicle.

Car batteries are re-chargeable and requires attention when working around it. We have compile a list of great tips to help boost the life expectancy of your car battery.

Take advantage of this great car battery life expectancy guide!

Great guide on how to extend your car battery life


Habitual Inspection

First tip to help extend your cars battery life is by practicing routine inspection on your vehicle and and the battery compartment. You can fix this on your calendar, twice a month will help extend your cars battery life.

The battery terminals often loose connection due to few or bunch of corrosion develop around the battery terminals.

To solve or prevent this from happening to your cars battery whereby it can cause harm to car battery, kindly loose the negative and positive terminals with the right tool.

Take the battery out and closer to a near-by flowing tap, get yourself a rag, wash and clean all the corrosion found around the terminals.

Get a clean water and wash everything down, leave it idle to dry for sometime. Your car battery now looks clean and almost new.

Besides, get a grease and apply it around the terminals which help prevent future corrosion.

Practicing this first step at least twice a month, will help extend your car battery life and this will save you money and time on your vehicle.

Idling Electronics

Electronics is the flow of electrons which consist of components that control the flow of electricity. Your car battery power controls all the electronic gadgets and functions found in your car.

Always take it as a role to turn off all functions and gadgets whenever your car’s engine is off. These functions may fall under air-condition, radio, ignition, mp3/video player.

Moreover, taking this step will help extend your car’s battery life.

Exterior and Interior Lights

Leaving your interior and exterior lights on without it been use can lead to drastic drain on your vehicle’s battery.

The Exterior and interior lights are found in and out of the vehicle which helps perform specific task, these lights include your headlights, tail lights, parking lights, night interior lights.

These functions all depend on your vehicle’s battery, and to extend your vehicle’s battery is by making sure you off every single light whenever you are existing or parking your vehicle.


Automotive Adaptive Lighting System

Avoid bad driving habits 

Bad driving habits can place greater strain on a vehicle’s component.

Most components depends on your car’s battery. These bad habits may include usage of mobile phones and headsets when driving.

These habits usually makes you ignore certain functions and components in the vehicle idle and it leads to bad battery life.

Besides, drive regularly and avoid short trips, take extended trips and drive safely.

Battery Test


How often do you feel stranded realizing your vehicle’s battery has no power.

Looking forward to extend your car’s battery life, is always advisable to check the output/voltage of your car’s battery.

Moreover, get yourself a battery tester/Multimeter to check the voltage of your battery and battery chargers.

Connect the positive and negative clamp of the battery tester to the positive and negative lead of the battery respectively

You will be able to read the voltage level of your car’s battery. Your readings should be around 12V- 13.6V

Besides, kindly replace battery if found bad/dead. Practicing this often or at least once a week will help extend your car’s battery and prompt you if you need a new battery.

Additional Tips

  • Battery Charger : Battery chargers are use to charge low voltage batteries. Purchasing a good battery battery charger can be of a great help. It can help increase the life expectancy of your car battery.

Bad battery chargers most cause harm to your car battery. When purchasing a battery charger, make sure to always go in for a good brand.

  • Regular top-ups: Mostly our battery run flat often. One major reason why they run flat often is due to low level electrolyte solution found inside the battery.

Perform regular checks on your battery solution level and make it a habit to re-fill it with required solution when found low.

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