10 Things to Check on Your Vehicle every Morning-and why?

April 15, 2019MechVibesblog

10 Things to Check on Your Vehicle every Morning– Waking up very late or had a busy morning can really skip your mind on checking up the condition of your vehicle every morning or before setting off. Most people don’t normally even check up on their vehicle every morning before leaving to their various destinations.

Spending 10 minutes daily to practice what will be outline in this post can help you stay out of unexpected bills and increase the life expectancy of your vehicle.

A friend of mine called me one early morning, he said David,”there is a check engine light which pops up on my dashboard every morning and really don’t know whats wrong with my car”. I then told him to get his vehicle scanned for detailed information.

From my few search and findings, I found out my friend hardly check up on his vehicle every morning and also i get to notice most people don’t really do this when they are ready to set off to their various destinations.

Due to this, I decide to publish an article on things you need to check up on your vehicle every morning and why is it necessary.

Kindly grab your small piece of paper to keep this list and paste them on the side of your dashboard, where you keep your vehicle’s key or any convenient place.

You can even save it as a note on your phone with an early morning alarm.

Knowing these things can help your vehicle stay out of unexpected maintenance. So below is an an overview of what we will discuss in this post.

10 things to check up on your vehicle every morning are;

  1. Battery
  2. Leaks
  3. Tyres
  4. Fluid level
  5. Fuel level
  6. Horn
  7. Lights
  8. Brakes
  9. Wiper
  10. Vents

After reading this 10 things that you need to check up on vehicle every morning, if you care much for your vehicle life expectancy,this is a post to bookmark for future reference-guaranteed.

Let’s get rolling as we say no to unexpected budgets with these 10 guides explained below!

1. Battery

Batteries are designed to deliver maximum power at a shorter period of time. They help start vehicles and less than 5 % of capacity is required. They also help supply electrical loads to all electrical components in the vehicle.

So, battery plays a very vital role in the vehicle. Is advisable you check for any signs of corrosion on terminal.

You can further check for leaks and cracks. There may be few leaks around the battery and is very important you take quick action if these are found.

Besides, you check the health status and voltage of your battery if you have a battery analyzer.

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2. Leaks

A leak is a way for fluid to escape from its container system. These may come as a result of rust, micro crack, tiny hole punch or loose clamp. These are few ways which leaks can be drawn from. Is very important you check for leaks every morning.

One way to check for leaks is to bend down and check underneath of the vehicle if there are any drops on ground. You can also check for leaks by running the engine for a few minutes and check underneath to see if there are any leaks or form of fluid dropping.

This will really help you when checking for leaks on your vehicle. Check out this tool for all your leak test.

3. Tyres

A quick essential step you can do for yourself is to check if all your tires are in a good condition. Check for flat tire or a bit low, if found kindly make sure tire is inflated for a smooth drive.

Don’t forget to also check for spare tire, inflate spare tire if found low. You can check for your vehicle’s tire pressure desired rate on the driver side door, other models are found on the fuel cover.

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4. Fluid Level

Fluids are very essential, and you are to check these with much attention. There are different fluids used in a vehicle, is necessary to check your engine oil level, power steering fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze coolant level.

When vehicle runs with no fluid, it can cause damage to your vehicle and these may be broken bearings, broken clutches, and worn-out of the rack and pinion system.

5. Fuel Level

Fuel level is the amount of fuel remaining and is necessary to check your fuel level every morning.

Most people fill up their tank before getting to the house, yes that’s a good way, you can do that if you don’t, but the main reason to double check every morning, there may be a leakage or a crack in your fuel line where fuel will be dropping on the ground. Check this every morning as well.

6. Horn

Horn helps to alert or prompt people or objects that comes across your way when driving.Is also use to draw attention when you need an assistance.

Furthermore, without a horn can be embarrassing, especially when an object is moving towards your direction and needs to be prompt. Is advisable to check for your horn every morning to confirm if it working, fix it if not working.

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7. Lights

The lights helps to see objects or pedestrian crossing and walking along the road side when driving at night. Lights plays a big role when driving at night.

Besides, to prevent any embarrassment, kindly check if all your lights are working both the headlight, fog light and tail light.

8. Brakes

Brakes are safety mechanism which helps slow down your vehicle when driving. It protect you from crashing other object.

To prevent yourself from any unexpected injury, kindly check for brake pad level. Perform visual inspection.

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9. Wiper

Wipers help clear water from the windscreen. With the windscreen washer controls, operate to spray water on your windscreen and then check if the wipers are working accurately. This will keep you driving when is raining.

10. Vents

Finally, check to see if air-condition,vents and heating system are well functioning. This will help you catch some cool air when the weather is hot.


Use these 10 things to check on your vehicle every morning stand out from the crowd, get your vehicle healthy, and be free from unexpected budget.

Let’s hear from you, your views and comments are welcome. You can also join our community for more interaction.

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