The Benefits Of Investing In A Commercial Steel Garage For Your Business

May 28, 2024MechVibesblog

The Hulk Of The Garage World!

Commercial steel garages are becoming increasingly popular. These robust and durable structures symbolize progress and innovation, and their sleek exterior finishes give them a contemporary look.

Due to their ample space, industrial garages are ideal for various uses such as storage, workshops, retail shops, or assembly lines. Let’s see how you, as a business, can benefit from them.

The Advantages Of Investing Your Money Into A Commercial Steel Garage For Your Company

1. Fast Assembly & Early Access

Since pre-engineered metal buildings are mass-produced in a factory, they only require assembly at the construction site. This reduces the time taken for installation. Also, most parts are already cut and drilled, so less manpower is needed at the construction site.

This means you get early access to your building and start generating profit. That alone will put you ahead of the competition.

2. Energy Efficient Design

Commercial garages can be designed to save energy. For instance, a metal structure’s full insulation will slow the heat transfer to and from the building.

By adding a proper ventilation system, one can reduce the moisture and humidity buildup inside. Hence, the HAVC system can work effectively, lowering energy bills.

Further, you can opt for reflective roof paint that redirects incoming light. And that’s not all! By saving on energy, you can file for a tax credit and get up to $0.60 per square foot on operation and maintenance expenses annually.

3. Lowers The Operational Cost Of A Business

Metal is antifungal and does not encourage mold and mildew growth. It neither rots nor decays with the changing seasons, showing its resilient nature.

That’s why once you install a high-quality metal garage, you don’t have to worry about frequent repair and replacement, which saves money on maintenance.

Structural steel can bear more load and has a strength of 25 times that of wood. It suffers less wear and tear compared to a stick-built structure.

And as if that was not enough, metal, with proper fire retardant, can withstand fire for up to four hours. Insurance companies know about metal’s non-combustible nature, so they offer up to 30% off on premiums.

4. Flexible & Custom Designs

Commercial metal garages come with flexible design options. Suppose you would like to have a section now but remove it later. You can do that easily by installing a mezzanine floor, you can create false flooring to create a cabin-like office space or more room for storage.

You can even customize them when buying. Here are some custom features you can add to commercial steel garages.

  • 1. Color to match with an existing building or your brand image
  • 2. Gutter along the roof’s eave to prevent water dripping over your customers’ head
  • 3. Solar panels on the roof generate free electricity
  • 4. Large steel doors for easy incoming loading/ unloading of goods and products
  • 5. Adding a mezzanine floor for extra space in the given area
  • 6. Multiple windows to allow light and fresh breeze of air to come in.
  • 7. External facades or sliding such as 3d, curved, or perforated metal panels for a modern & sleek look
  • 8. Outdoor landscaping to create a welcoming environment and keep insects and pests away

5. Maximum Interior Space

Commercial garages come with an option of choosing a clear span design. Here, there are no internal supporting columns or walls that obstruct space.

You get full freedom to design the interior. You can create sections and sub-sections as needed and remove them when not needed.

When buying, look for commercial garages near me. The closer you are to the metal dealer, the lower the shipping charges will be.

6. Durability & Longevity

Commercial steel structures are made using high-quality 12-gauge steel frames that can withstand daily wear and tear and adverse weather conditions.

They are built to last and retain structural integrity with time. So, you can rest assured that your business will remain safe no matter the outside conditions.

These are made using cost-effective materials that will last long with little to no maintenance. You can get engineered certified steel building that meets and exceeds the local laws and building code requirements.

7. Resale Value

Lastly, commercial metal garages increase the value of your property. They add square footage that can be used in multiple ways.

These types of buildings are in high demand due to their durability and endurance. Think of it as a savvy move for your property’s future value.

Some Common Sizes Of Commercial Steel Garages

Though commercial garages can be of any size, here is the average size that is generally installed.

Width: 40 feet or more: You can opt for a clear-span building with a width of up to 300 feet without any internal support columns or walls.

Length: 60 feet or more: The length of a commercial metal garage is virtually unlimited. It depends on the space available and your needs.

Height: 12 to 20 feet or more: Depending on the seller, the height can be up to 80 feet or more.

You can look for commercial garages near me online to find the best dealership. Compare quotes from multiple metal builders before ordering one that fits your purpose and budget. The size varies with the purpose. For instance, the average size of a retail store is about 10,000 square feet.

Uses Of Commercial Metal/Steel Garages

  • Secure Storage
  • Business Hub | Office
  • Workshop
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Cold Storage
  • Inventory & Logistic Management
  • Vehicle Shelter
  • Retail Store | Factory Outlet
  • Fitness Center
  • Creative Studio
  • Event Venue
  • Agribusiness

Bringing Up Rear

When it comes to commercial garages, investing in metal material means durability, security, and style all rolled into one. Whether it is high-speed wind or heavy snow load, steel garages can withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. These versatile structures are best for multi-functional usage. In addition, customization options take your building up a notch. So, invest in commercial steel garages, you won’t regret it!

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