Coronavirus Quarantine: How To Keep Your Car Safe During this Lock Down Period

April 17, 2020MechVibesblog

Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 has change our lives and daily activities. You need to keep your car safe.

It have really change the way we work, how to socialize and even how we respond to emergency cases.

This virus have lead to the practice of social distancing and the use of hand sanitizers regularly to reduce the spread of the virus.

Washing your hands frequently is best way to help prevent the wide spread of this novel virus.

As part of keeping our lives safe, we also have to factor ways on how to keep our cars safe during this lock down period and the reduce the wide spread of the Coronavirus.

Besides, before we get to know more about how to keep our cars safe during this lock-down period as to prevent the wide spread of the virus, let take time to learn more about the virus.



Coronavirus disease is a world pandemic infectious deadly disease which is caused by Coronavirus.

Its also know as a respiratory disease because people who contract this deadly virus is likely to experience mild respiratory illness.

The best way to stay safe out there is stay away from infectious persons and practice the habit of washing your hands daily under running water.

Moreover, as we drive our vehicles daily, we come in contact with different persons. One may ask, what are the best way to prevent my vehicle from contracting this virus.

To set the ball rolling, we will learn the best ways to keep your vehicle safe during this incredible difficult period and a partial lock-down as well.


Clean and Disinfect your car


All this said, as with the prevention of Coronavirus is must. Clean and disinfect your vehicle frequently, especially the touched surfaces daily.

Research shows that, these virus can last long on metal, plastic and glass surfaces for up 28-days days in low temperatures.

Germs will happily hitch a ride from your trip to the supermarket or elsewhere and back to your vehicle.

To prevent this wide spread and get our self infected, here are few steps you can follow when cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle.

  • Disinfect your steering wheel daily with a disinfectant. As the steering is mostly touched as your come in contact with your vehicle.
  • Disinfect your interior and exterior frequently.
  • Wipe down your key fob.
  • Disinfect your car seat belts and hooks daily.
  • Wipe down your gear lever, also know as the selector.
  • Wipe down your door handles, floor mates/carpets
  • Disinfect your car hand brakes and touch screens.

Is advisable to use a clean and disinfected microfiber cloths when performing these task.

Moreover, how often do those practices carry over to the family car? Think about all the things inside your car you touch.

Contact a professional detailer with a disinfectant steam vapour machine for a quick disinfect.


Park Vehicle Indoors


Another way to keep your vehicle safe during this hard times and partial lock-down is to get keep your vehicle safe.

Coronavirus disease also know as Convid-19 is also known as air-bone disease and can be easily spread even with a touch or as you come in contact with an infectious person.

To get ride of this after your vehicle is disinfected, you are advised to keep your vehicle indoor anytime you off for the day.

Parking your vehicle indoors frequently during this period will keep;

  • It in a good nick.
  • Safe from infectious persons.
  • Safe from other vehicle’s which haven’t been disinfected.
  • Added security.

Top of List on what to keep in your car

Hand Sanitizers


Keep this with you always. As you come in contact with other persons and objects when driving.

You can apply it on your hands after visiting the shopping malls, super-markets or pharmacy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Keep your car safe during these hard times or quarantine period.

Box of tissues


Tissues are used majorly for hygiene purposes. To stay hygiene and free from this novel coronavirus, you need to keep some tissue in your vehicle when ever you sneeze or clean your hands.

Besides, keep a small trash bag in the back seat to gather the used tissues and make sure to empty it daily.

This will keep you and your car safe from this deadly coronavirus.

Wet Wipes


Wet wipes also known as sanitary sprays. These help to wipe down major surfaces including the door panels, dash and arm rest in your vehicle.

Make sure you go in for the right brand before using these wet wipes in your car because the harsh chemicals could damage the interior-CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE: HOW TO KEEP YOUR CAR SAFE DURING THIS LOCK DOWN PERIOD.

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