What is Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

April 21, 2019MechVibesblog

Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) is use to identify a specific automobile based on a code. VIN helps to track reports and information of a vehicle. Every vehicle and its specific VIN which are of 17 characters, digits and letters.

Vehicle’s less than 17 characters was build in the late 1980’s pre-vehicle. Within the year 1980’s-1981 manufactures use different format which leads to limited information.


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Example of VIN number

VIN Number Explained

1st -3rd characters. The first character is where the vehicle was build,where second and third characters are the manufacturer code.

4th-9th characters. These characters are mainly based manufacturer output, is where you get to know the engine size, type and vehicle brand.

10th character. Is where you can find the vehicle’s model year.

11th-17 character. Is where you can find the vehicles’ serial number.

Where to Find the VIN

Besides, this code is found on the windscreen, vehicle papers, insurance cards, side of the driver’s door, vehicle’s frame and most times around car’s engine compartment. (Vehicle Identification Number-(VIN)

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