What’s Baffles in Automobile

April 4, 2019MechVibesblog

In automobile, baffles are obstructions which helps reduce free flow of gas, liquid or sound. It reduces sloshing of liquids. It made from heat reactive design to seal a body cavity.

Its found in fuel tanks, mufflers,crankcase,radiator and oil pans.

Its made of sheet metal with holes mounted vertically in fuel tank to stop fuel from sloshing around during maneuvering or extremely cornering force. Fuel tanks without baffle plates loses its center of gravity when decelerating or climbing on a road.

Besides, baffles are built in oil pans of high performance cars to help reduce oil starvation.

Baffles most fit between cylinders of air cooled engines to assist cooling.



AFS (Adaptive Front-Lightning System)

Design of Baffles in Exhaust Systems

In automobile, baffles are found in exhaust system and locate inside mufflers which helps reduce flow of exhaust gas.

A bad design would cause a build-up of pressure in exhaust system. This back pressure reduces engine power due to exhaust gas residual which will occupy space in the combustion chamber.

Also, in automobile bad baffle design or poor exhaust system can cause a reduction in the volumetric efficiency due to occupy space of exhaust gases which could be filled with fresh air.

Besides, a well design baffle or exhaust system should lead to improvement in engine power and when extra power is required.

It should resist high temperature.

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