Dual Clutch Transmission and How It Works

September 30, 2019MechVibesblog

Dual Clutch Transmission is a motorcycle transmission that automates clutch and shift operation. They come with two clutch discs, even-numbered gears and odd-numbered gears.

It creates an extent amount of power, delivered to the wheels of a vehicle.

Here, clutch operation is not required.

Dual clutch design shifts faster, smoother, dynamic and with greater efficiency.

A dual-clutch transmission aren’t made up of a torque converter, also doesn’t require a clutch pedal.

Besides, they come with flexible modular system for front-longitudinal standard, hybrid and all-wheel drives.

They also improve fuel economy.

DC transmission is operated through the Electronic Gear Selector in the center console.

Moreover, dual clutch which have serve as an alternative method of shifting gears steadily makes its way into more consumer vehicles.

Automotive Electronic Modules

Advantages of dual clutch transmission

*It uses two clutches.

*Outstanding efficiency and the highest level of comfort.

*It switches gears faster.

*There is no lag of an interruption of power to the engine.

*Good fuel economy.


Basically, it’s a set of two clutches, one clutch connect to the odd gear set and the other to the even gear set.

The twin clutches are arrange accordingly, enabling both work on the same shaft.

They are control by computers, deciding which next gear to engage.

When clutch is engage with the current operating gear, sensors predict next gear change.

The second clutch then prepares the next gear ratio for engagement.

Automatic vs Manual Transmission Cars


DCT could be the solution for those looking for something different for their car.

Always make sure you use dual clutch fluid’s for your transmission.

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