Automatic vs Manual Transmission Cars

October 8, 2019MechVibesblog

Automatic vs Manual Transmission Cars–Transmissions basically term as gearbox, helps control a speed of a car. Higher the speed, higher the gear needed. It does this by varying the gear ratio.

It consist of gear-trains which adjust engine power to different terrain.

Also, transmissions monitor several performance metrics, vehicle speed and number of times the engine revolves.

Transmission is needed for a car to be able to get from one point to another.

Moreover, transmission allow vehicle’s in changing gears, where power is transferred from the engine to the drive axle.

Transmissions have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Below are the difference of automatic and manual transmission.

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Automatic transmission Cars

*They have advance features and gears.

*Automatic transmissions perform well on hills, steep hills and inclines, enabling vehicles operate efficiently.

*They are easier to drive and convenience.

* They have smoother ride giving a pleasant ride without any stress.

*Automatic transmissions allow you to easily move with the traffic. No stalling.

*No clutch control or shifting of gears is involved.

*Automatic transmissions require less effort.

*Automatic transmissions are more expensive to buy.


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Manual transmission Cars

* They have better control and performance. Manual transmission gives the driver more control over their vehicle interms of acceleration and power.

*Manual transmissions are less expensive to purchase than automatics.

*With manual transmission the driver has to use a third pedal(clutch) when shifting gears.

*Coolest sports cars come with manual transmissions.

*They are cheaper to maintain which requires less maintenance.

*Better fuel efficiency. 

*Manual transmission engines are less complex and weigh less.

*Manual transmissions have been known for saving fuel cost.

*A lot more effort goes into driving when sitting through traffic.


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Now that you know the differences between automatic and manual transmission, you should be able to decide the type of transmission that you should prefer..

All what’s need now at this point depends on preference.

Besides, automatic transmissions are easier to use and more comfortable while manual transmissions are less expensive, get more involved and better for racing.– Automatic vs Manual Transmission Cars

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