Planning on a winter Getaway-Tips and Tricks on Storing Cars

April 30, 2020MechVibesblog

Planning on a winter getaway? Winter getaway are nice but requires a look ahead if you planning for a long term. It may be an extended vacation, tour, solo retreats, personal training, quick excursion, even a long term business stay.

Most people will love to leave their car behind.

I decided to put my thoughts down on this topic. Here, we will learn more about some tips on storing cars.

Storing cars for a longer term can be overwhelming, but refusing to lay down basic measures on your vehicle can be great mess.

Its all about making the most of the cold conditions, where your car also needs a good care during these times.

Here are my top 5 best tips on long term car storage you can follow to help you out.


  1. Have a full tank of gas
  2. Have tires inflated
  3. Move vehicle occasionally
  4. Perform quick oil service
  5. Invest in a car cover

Tips and Tricks

Have a full tank of gas

Always make sure you fill you gas tank to its desired rate, I mean full tank. Its not advisable to leave your gas tank partially filled.

Leaving a partial tank of a gas in a car allows moisture to form on the inside of the tank. Gas mixed with water = Problems.

During winter, condensation can freeze, form into icy blocks in your fuel lines. This causes damage to your vehicle.

Besides, partial or empty gas tanks can cause damage to your fuel pump as well. Its sucks air when gas is low or tank is empty.


Have your tires properly inflated

Winter or cold conditions normally causes tires to run flat whiles rises at hot conditions. Make sure you inflate all your tires before leaving for your long term trip.

Most times over-inflated. This reduces the risk of flats and future damage occurring to the tires.

Move vehicle occasionally 

Parking your vehicle for a very long time can cause minor related issue to your vehicle.

If possible, have the car moved occasionally. You can leave a note to anyone home who drives or your driver if you have one to take such action.

This helps to prevent rust and corrosion from building up on the brake rotor surfaces. Its also keeps the brake pads from seizing in place in the brake calipers.

Perform Quick oil service

Oil lubricates the engine and absorb heat. Here, due to longer park for vehicle, its required to perform a quick oil change before leaving for your winter break or long term vacation.

Mostly, oil used contain some amount of dirt which can cause damage to your engine when left stagnant.

Besides, make sure you use prescribed and fully synthetic oil for your vehicle when going for an oil change.  

Invest in a car cover

Car covers protects your car’s paint and metal work. Quality car covers gives the car a good ventilation if moisture piles up.

Further, its never a regret when you choose to invest in quality car cover. If you’re going away for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to invest in a car cover to help protect your car exterior finish.

Always choose the best for your vehicle.

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