Changing Your Car’s Oil

August 13, 2019MechVibesblog

Changing your car’s engine oil is fundamental in automobile and maintenance activities. Changing your car’s engine oil is actually easy, and what’s needed most is having the right tools for the job.

Engine oil is use to lubricates internal moving parts, which helps to cool the engine and reduces friction.

Besides, the oil filter helps to remove debris from the oil which can damage your engine.

Check your vehicles’s owner manual to make sure you use recommended or fully synthetic oil for your vehicle

Further, before you start your oil change, warm up your engine for two (2) minutes to allow the oil flow out of the engine easily.

Tools Needed:

  • Rag
  • Oil filter remover/wrench
  • A basic toolkit
  • Safety glasses
  • Wrench set

Materials Needed:

  • Oil pan
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Oil filter seal
  • Funnel

Step by Step Guide on how to change your car’s engine oil

After going through this process, you will be able to perform oil change by yourself, which will save you time and few bucks or cedis.

Quick Guide

  • Secure your vehicle
  • Drain old oil
  • Remove oil filter and replace new filter
  • Add new engine oil
  • Start your car’s engine
  • Check engine oil level
  • Perform oil reset

Secure your vehicle

Make sure to park your vehicle on a flat surface, whiles you keep your car in park or neutral mode. Besides ,apply the hand or parking brake.

Use a car jack to raise the vehicle off the ground and secure the vehicle with a jack stand. Also, make sure to install wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Drain old Oil

Look under the vehicle to locate the drain plug. Most vehicle’s are built plastic underside.

If your vehicle is equip with one, kindly that that off before you can locate the drain plug. The drain plug is a large nut found under the oil sump of your car’s engine.

Remember to place a container under the oil drain plug. Unscrew the nut to allow the old oil out of the sump to the pan.

Leave it to settle or fully drain out, whiles you move on to next step.

Remove old oil filter and replace new filter

Whiles, leaving the oil to fully drain out, its time to remove your oil filter.

Slowly unscrew the oil filter with the filter wrench, remove old filter and replace with new oil filter.

Further, replace oil filter seal or O-ring, make sure to lubricate the O-ring with the new engine oil. This helps to prevent leaks and ensure perfect seal.

Finally screw the oil filter cap back to its original position and make sure its fully tighten down to prevent leaks as well.

Add new engine oil

After replacing the oil filter and draining old oil out, its time to fill the engine with a new engine oil.

Make sure to check the owners manual of the vehicle to know the amount of oil liters required for your vehicle.

After you find out the required liters, its time to fill new engine oil into your vehicle. Locate and unscrew the oil cap on top of the engine, is basically marked with oil can sign.

Further, get your funnel to facilitate filling your engine with new oil. Fill in new oil into your engine and make sure not to overfill your engine.

Now tighten the oil cap once you are done filling your engine with the correct amount of fresh engine oil.


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Start your car’s engine

Once you have filled your engine with new oil, its time to start your engine.

Start the engine and let it run for about 5-10 minutes. This allow the new oil to circulate throughout the engine.

After running engine, its time to turn off the engine to allow oil to cool and settle down.

Check engine oil level

Once the engine oil have settle down, next step is to check the oil level. This can be done using the vehicle’s engine dipstick or check directly from the dashboard menu.

Perform oil reset

The final step now, is to perform oil reset for the next oil change schedule.

Oil reset extends the mileage on your vehicle, this prompts you on your dashboard when its time to change your cars engine oil.


You have successfully learned how to change your oil. — How to Change Your Car’s Oil

We recommend that you check your oil level every morning when the engine is cold, where most of the oil has settle down.

Most people overlook checking their engine oil, it’s easy to do, but can cause major damage requiring thousands of dollars for repairs.

Leave Me Your feedback and comments. All questions are welcome, and no question is stupid. Best describe your problem the way you can, and we will reach a conclusion and come up with a solution– Changing Your Car’s Oil.

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