Make Your Electric Car Batteries Last Longer With Proper Care

October 4, 2021MechVibesblog

We are now in a fast-paced world where batteries now power most devices; even some vehicles are now battery operated(build car batteries to last longer). One of the problems we usually face when using battery-operated devices is that batteries degrade as we use them from time to time. However, compared to other devices, car batteries are far more expensive than other devices.

Also, If you are a responsible owner purchasing a replacement or extra battery for your EV should only be purchased with a warranty. So, you might want to check the Costco warranty battery to know the different warrant packages available.

In this, it is essential to make sure we know how to give the best care and maintenance to our car batteries to ensure they will last long. So here are the tips we’ve gathered that you can apply to your EV battery.


Don’t expose your EV to high and low temperatures

It is not advisable to leave your EV for an extended time in direct sunlight, and you have to know that lithium-ion batteries hate hot temperatures. It can affect the battery’s overall performance, and this will be irreversible.

So make sure to park your EV in a space with shade, so you’ll make sure that temperature won’t exceed 40 degrees. Same with low temperature, do not leave your EV to extremely low-temperature places and make sure you store your EV in a safe location.

Besides, you need to know that EV batteries have a thermal management system, make sure to keep it functioning to make your EV feel comfy. But, some thermal management systems run automatically, even unplugged.

Do not overcharge or charge it 100%

Always try not to overcharge your EV battery or leaving it overnight charging. Overcharging your battery can result in an irreversible effect, just like any device. We also advise not to completely charge your battery to 100%; if your regular travel only consumes 40%, we suggest charging it to 80% only.

You also need to know that those smart chargers will lose their charging capabilities over time, so you might need to replace them if so.

Do not wait for your battery to go 0% before charging 

Usually, your battery has an automatic management system that shutdowns even before it reaches 0%. So, make sure to always have an extra charge from your battery from your regular power usage when traveling.

Also, just like any other battery-operated device, you’ll face a bigger risk when it self-discharges and is left unused for a long time.

So, make sure if you want your battery to last longer, be responsible when charging it. Also, make sure to avoid discharging the battery of your EV to avoid damages and hassle.

Do not use fast-charging battery chargers

Using fast charging is good when you have an emergency trip, and you need to charge your EV faster than usual charging. However, using fast charging can damage your battery and lessen its life span. Most probably, the lifespan of your battery might reduce up to 2 years when you constantly use fast charging chargers. 

Fast charging will produce too much current in your battery that can damage it over time. So we suggest that it’s more advisable to use the standard battery charger so you can avoid inconveniences.

Do not store your EV in high moisture environment

Storing your EV in an environment with high moisture can cause short circuits, and if that happens, you won’t be able to use it anymore. If not, moisture can cause other reactions that can affect its performance and possibly affect your EV as well.

We advise storing your EV in a closed garage to avoid exposure to too much moisture.

Check the battery’s guide/manual.

It is also essential to read the battery’s user guide since each battery is built differently from one another. The instruction provided by the manufacturer can help you know the safety precautions and how you can provide proper care to your battery. 

Also, checking the manual can give you more information about its power level-meter so you won’t be problematic overcharging. 

Safety Requirements

To make your battery last longer, make sure that you will only purchase a quality battery. Just so you know, EV batteries must pass different testing standards such as extreme temperature, overcharging, moisture, short circuit, and many more.

Also, most EV has safety features on which it automatically off all electrical system when there’s a collision or electrical problem detected.

So, the life of your battery also depends on the quality of your EV itself.


The life span of your EV battery is upon your actions, so make sure to follow all the advices we have listed here. This is to ensure that you can give the propeller maintenance and care for your battery.

Also, make sure to visit your EV mechanic as soon as you feel there is something strange happening in your EV to make sure you’ll avoid further damages in your EV.

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