How to Spot the Perfect Car for Seniors

September 13, 2021MechVibesblog

Each driver has their preference for what they need in a car. In your senior years, you will likely need a car that is different than what you needed in your 20’s or even 40’s. Your needs change throughout the years and depend on your stage of life. Cars today include a wide range of options to fit anyone. There are cars with significant safety features, comfort, luxury, and accessibility. Keep reading to learn how to spot the perfect car for seniors!


Determine what you are looking for

For starters, you will want to decide what you want and need in a car. Odds are you have decided it’s time for you to get a new car, and the next step is picking that car. How exciting! You will likely choose your car based on budget, needs, and preferences. Set your budget first to help you determine what type of cars to look at.

Maybe you’re nearing retirement living by the beach in California and want to get a car that will fit enough of your grandkids into it for beach days. Let’s say you have decided you need an SUV. You choose an SUV because it is more spacious than a sedan and is safer.

Once you’ve decided on a budget and the type of car, start searching SUVs in that price range and see which offerings are the best for you. Each car is different; make sure you understand the features of each car. It’s also good to know the consumer ratings and how customers like that specific car.

Know the reliability of the car

It’s always good to know the consumer ratings when looking at cars. Reliability is extremely important senior drivers, especially if you are planning on retiring. You will not have to be digging into your budget for repairs that could be avoided by going with a more reliable car.

You can look through the Consumer Reports’ “Best Cars” list and see which cars pop up to be consistently reliable on that list. If you’re looking into a used car, make sure you read the Carfax on the car and possibly even get a technician to look at it. Nobody wants to buy an unreliable car, or even worse, a lemon!

Accessibility and visibility

Accessibility and visibility are a must for most seniors. When looking for the perfect car, this is something to put on your list. Many seniors opt for cars that have a low step-in height and wide-opening doors. SUVs are also popular because they are easier to get in and out of than a sedan. Visibility in cars for seniors is important, too. Having the ability to see from every angle; front, side, or back is an excellent feature for seniors when driving.

Test drive

Test driving a car is the most fun part of car shopping! Odds are you’ve been looking for some time now, and you want to test drive your top list of cars you’ve been looking at. As fun as it is to test drive, make sure you get your variety of cars in and make a list of what you liked and didn’t like in each car. This will make it easier when you get down to deciding which car to pick.


Spotting the perfect car for seniors will be easy when using these tips. As a quick recap, you will want to determine what you are looking for, know the reliability of the car you are looking at, look for a car with accessibility and visibility, and test drive the cars you are interested in.

When you are a senior, there can be a lot of confusing life changes, for example signing up for Medicare. Finding the perfect car does not have to be as confusing. By following these suggestions, you will be more prepared when it comes time to car shop.  Happy car shopping!

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