Benefits of RSA Services During Long Road Trips

July 18, 2022MechVibesblog

When you’re on a road trip, whether you’re driving your car in the city or out in the countryside, you want the trip to go smoothly. A car trip might be very inconvenient if there are issues.

If something goes wrong and your journey is delayed, you must identify the cause and fix the problem. Your schedule and mood may be affected by this. For instance, you might skip a crucial meeting.

Over 1200 cars need roadside assistance daily in India. This is the reason that the market for RSA is growing rapidly, The CAGR of RSA is expected to grow at 5.5% from 2021 to 2028.

As an extra layer of protection for your Comprehensive auto insurance coverage, you can purchase an RSA.

The cost of such a cover extension is an additional premium you must pay. However, it also has several advantages, the biggest of which is help with automobile-related roadside issues.

Major auto insurance providers in India provide roadside assistance both online and offline, For example, You can purchase package of Roadside assistance cover online from for a car and bike with 24/7 services at very small charges.

24/7 Assistance for Emergencies

A 24×7 Car Breakdown Assistance Policy is another name for the RSA cover. This is because this Add-on is useful if your automobile breaks down while you are traveling.

All you need to do in this situation is phone your insurance company’s roadside assistance provider and let them know what’s wrong and where you are.

They’ll try calling you for assistance or sending a mechanic to your area. They will decide to have the car taken to a nearby garage for repairs if the issue cannot be fixed. In this approach, the insurance company will take care of handling the problem for you, so you won’t have to.

Benefits of RSA Coverage

Different insurers may offer different levels of Roadside assistance coverage. In comparison to other insurers, some might give greater inclusions.

Additionally, there may be a price variation. Coverage like Jumpstart service, Key lock-out assistance, and many more. You should check online sites like which offers great coverage at a minimal price for better results. Here are a few of the most common additions.

● Flat Tire – 

One of the most frequent problems experienced by car drivers is a flat tire. If you have a flat tire, you must stop traveling and change the tire. What happens, though, if you don’t have a spare tire or are unable to change the tire?

You won’t need to worry with the Roadside assistance add-on. A mechanic will be sent to assist you by the insurer.

● On-the-Spot Repair – 

The car could occasionally require repairs. The insurer will arrange for a mechanic to do an on-the-spot repair if the required repair work is not extensive. Doing this means the car won’t need to be towed to the mechanic.

● Emergency Fuel Service – 

Without fuel, travel is impossible. The RSA will pay for fuel refilling services up to five liters if the fuel meter in your car has given up on you and the automobile won’t move because it’s out of petrol.

The fuel tank will need to be drained if you are experiencing problems due to bad fuel. At a nearby garage, this will be completed under the RSA cover.

● Emergency Car Towing –

 If the designated mechanic or technician is unable to fix the vehicle’s problem, the vehicle will need to be towed to a garage, and RSA package also provide car towing service near your location.

● Pick-up Facility- 

RSA will pay the costs associated with transporting the insured vehicle from the location where it broke down to your home.


You can get towing assistance and assistance with a flat tire and many more things from an RSA policy. It is so convenient that if your vehicle breaks down, car service providers will be just a call away. You can buy the Add-on if you value this convenience more than doing things on your own. You can go without this Add-on if you are an experienced driver and are familiar with basic automotive concerns like changing a tire and inspecting the engine, or if you prefer to call and schedule an appointment with a mechanic on your own. It may always be added when your policy is renewed.

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