PO410- Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction

October 7, 2020MechVibesblog

Secondary Air Injection System, also known as Air Injection or smog pump which is mainly found in many running vehicles. It helps reduce carbon emission.

Secondary air injection system is mainly a component of the exhaust system which provides drivability comfort free by injecting fresh air into the exhaust stream. Let’s see what it entails!


  • What PO410 Entails
  • Major Symptoms
  • Derived Causes
  • Diagnosing fault code
  • Fixing Malfunction code.
  • Conclusion

What PO410 Trouble Code Entails

P0410 is an OBD-11 trouble code derive from car’s which have been diagnose with an OBD scanner. P0410 error code mainly relate to emission system which is been detect by the engine control module.

Secondary Air Injection pump was basically introduce to reduce the amount of unburned gases from vehicles and also control emission.

Besides, it serves as a tool for reducing unburned gases found in the process of chamber combustion. It blows fresh air into the exhaust system to ease the flow of exhaust gases.

Secondary Air Injection system is design for emission purposes. They help reduce pollution and serves as a tool for environmental protection by cleaning up the left over of the burnt fuel.

Secondary Air Injection pump helps reduce the amount of hydrocarbon pollutants produced by the vehicle.

P0401 error code is derive if there is an issue relate to the emission system which is mostly cause by the air pump failure. The pump is connected with pipes and hoses.

PO401 error code pops up when there is a leak or damage in the pipes or hose. It’s mainly also as a result of mechanical and electrical failure in vehicles.

Symptoms of P0410-Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction0

  • CEL (Check Engine Light) On
  • Engine hesitate during acceleration
  • Noticeable noise caused stuck air pump
  • Loss of engine power
  • Failed emission test
  • Low Idle
  • Noisy air injection pump

Causes of Secondary Air Injection System

  • Corroded pump
  • Faulty Air Pump Check Valve
  • Defective Air Controlled Solenoids
  • Water in Air Pump
  • Defective Air Pump Relay
  • Defective Air Pump
  • Blown Air pump fuse
  • Low air flow into the exhaust
  • Oxygen sensors are slow to respond
  • Excessive back pressure

Diagnosing and Fixing Malfunction P0410 Error Code

To run a full diagnostics on this malfunction code, you need few tools in other to perform accurate diagnostics. Tools required here are:

To begin your diagnostics, is good to first run a full diagnostics which an OBD II scanner. Kindly clear all fault code derived after performing the diagnostics test.

Restart vehicle to see how it perform, you can test drive vehicle around to how it works or if problem still exist.

Your next step is check all fuses and relay. Here a Multimeter or power probe is required to help you get accurate results. Especially the pump fuse and relay.

Replace if found damage. Test drive vehicle and see how it performs.

Further, if problem still exist, kindly probe the air pump with a power probe. Do this by removing the socket connected to the air pump and check if pump is accurately working.

The secondary air Injection pump will spin or show sign or working if its accurately probed.

Finally, go ahead and replace the secondary air pump after all these test have been performed.

Its advisable to replace all hoses and check-valves when fixing a new secondary air pump.


Secondary Air Injection pump plays a vital role in the emission system, Its main factor is to help reduce emission standards.

Its a life line to your vehicles engine and requires a enough attention when you encounter failure system.

Further, during diagnostics and testing procedures, manufactures information should be considered, due to vehicle specific information and procedures from manufacturers.

What’s your view, let here from you in the comment section.

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