Night View Assist

April 3, 2019MechVibesblog

Night View Assist is one of the most helpful safety feature introduce by automotive manufacturers in the automobile industry.

Besides, This feature has really help to improve the safety of driving at night and down poorly illuminated roads.

Also, it allows drivers to better detect pedestrians, animals and objects on the road by using an infrared light projection.

Further, spotlights automatically flashes on people/objects near the road with the help of the cars infrared light vision camera.

Mercedes-Benz is committed to keeping its drivers safe. Now, at just the switch of a button, drivers can activate the Mercedes Benz Night View Assist system.

Besides, combining classic basic principles of physics, innovative technology, and a passion for security.

Mercedes Benz Night View Assist acts as a groundbreaking mechanism for protecting lives.

This feature is available in GL-Class, SL-Class, and S-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Blind Spot Assist


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April 3, 2019

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