Blind Spot Assist

April 3, 2019MechVibesblog

Blind Spot Assist is an active safety feature and advance technology which helps in making lane changing less dangerous. It detect vehicles that are merging into adjacent lanes,help recognises dangers and apply brakes when there is potential collision.

This is monitored by radar sensors, which are install in both front and rear bumpers. This sensor helps to detect the hard-to-see sector at sides and behind vehicle and triggers a sound to prompt the driver to take notice. It works best at a speed of 20mph(30km/h).


P0507- Idle Air Control(RPM Higher Than Expected)

Causes of Blind Spot Assist

  • Faulty radar sensors
  • High temperatures
  • Weather conditions
  • Heavy rain

If you are driving in bad weather, avoid driving through water puddles. Wait for the rain to stop and restart the car, in fact.

The system should reset on its own, and generally. Unless the blind spot system remains disabled the next day.


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