Top 9 Military Vehicles That You Can Get

September 30, 2020MechVibesblog

If you are a person who is in love with speed, then this article is worth a read. When you are not in a situation to get an F-14A Tomcat, then you would be delighted to know that many ground-based cool military wheels are accessible to the public. This Véhicules blindés Inkas au Burkina Faso has amazing features that would lend you the best experience of speed on road. We have mentioned the top 9 military vehicles that deserve a try.

Dodge WC Utility Truck – This model belongs to the classic WC series that was a smashing hit vehicle of the US military during the 1940s. The military people were able to go on successful duty tours on this nimble and versatile vehicle during World War II. The vehicle has an efficient size with 4*4 muscles and that is why they were ideal for transporting equipment, tools, personnel, and weapons. The short form of WC represents the model code of the vehicle.”W” portrays the year and “C” depicts the rating of half-ton.

Oshkosh L-ATV – This is one of the best Véhicules blindés Inkas au Burkina Faso of the year 2015. It is popular for delivering the best performance, payload, and protection. The vehicle was crafted in 2011. Its fortification resembles a tank and it is designed to defend the soldiers at the time of war. At the same time, it is enough light for effectual mobility. The all-terrain vehicle that is also light combat is sufficiently good to use. It is so impressive that the Army ready to receive several deliveries of L-ATV vehicles through 2040.

Sherman Tank – This fully traversing turret is ideal for the individuals who are eager to bring out the big guns and fill up 175-gallon gas tanks. This vehicle hails from the hands of the Greatest Generation and is considered as the restored beauties. The vehicle is named after the Civil War Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman and has a rich combat history. This is one of the most widely used tanks among the other Allied forces existing and it has served throughout the Pacific theatre, Europe, and North Africa.

Willys Jeep MB – This might not be the largest war machines of the block, however, this small package is a power-packed vehicle. People say that the vehicle acquired its name from the character of “Eugene the Jeep” taken from the famous Popeye comic strip. These light weighted trucks were manufactured in huge numbers from the year 1941 to 1945. It has an amazing off-road finesse and can ferry soldiers throughout the rough terrain. General George Marshall named these vehicles as “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.”

Volkswagen Iltis – This one is considered a superman among all the vehicles. The body is built of pre steel and it was West Germany’s response to the Jeep. It was built between the years 1977 and 1981. Type 183 is the official name of this light vehicle and is more commonly recognized as “Iltis” which means “polecat” in the German language. In the year 1983, the manufacturing of 4*4s got transferred to Canada and since then the vehicles rolled for the Canadian Forces till 1986 after which the production stopped.

John Deere M-Gator A1 – This is a military version of the company’s Gator ATV. The vehicle is nimble compact and is a pro at casualty evacuation and supply deliveries. The US army adopted M-Gator in the year 1997 and it rolled out across Bosnia in the next year. Later on, it was adopted by Afghanistan and Iraq. The M-Gator is versatile and is mainly an energetic golf cart. It also has cup-holders to hold the cans and cups.

DUKW “Duck” Amphibious Truck – This is six wheels vehicle that can drive on road and water. The hull body of the truck was designed by famous yacht designer Roderick Stephens. This truck was initially developed in the year 1942 and more than 21000-cracked out over a three-years time. The six-wheel-drive behemoth effortlessly drives between land water and was seen in action during the Korean War. The vehicle has currently retired from the front line and it is now used by the fire departments and the police officers.

VOLVO TP21 Sugga – This is one of the military vehicles that hail from the ABBA country. It is an exceptional blend of truck and taxicab. Volvo has made only 720 models of these off-roaders from 1953 to 1958. It was specifically developed for the Armed Forces of Sweden. It is a true doer and it earned its affectionate nickname of “Sugga” from its piggish looks. This vehicle had a rugged radio communications feature that was very effective and was reported for delivering dynamic duty over the three decades.

Scud Missile Launcher – This is a Russian-built behemoth that resembles a flat truck. It became infamous during the first Iraq War as they launched their titular and short-range ballistic. They have become so rare that if you want to own one, you will have to strive for it. They have become so rare that an unidentified buyer grabbed one of them at an auction for a whopping $345,000.

If you are game for adventure on roads, you can go for anyone of the above-mentioned military vehicles. Each one of them has its unique features and they are famous for their reasons. 

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