What are the uses of Automotive Translation Services?

February 4, 2020MechVibesblog

It is an era of automotive translation technological advancement. Technology advancement has made human life very easier and it has revolutionized almost every field of life. For instance, the automotive industry is the best example of technology advancement.

It is considered as the most vital economic sector by revenue. The automotive industry is very broad and compromises companies and organizations which are involved in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing and selling of motor vehicles, towed vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles.

The automotive industry does not include industries that deal with repair of motor vehicles, automobile delivery to end-user and gas fueling stations.

The word automotive was derived by Greek autos and Latin motivus to depict any form of self-powered vehicle.

The automotive industry has shown rapid boom since 2009 and it is expected to continue in the coming years.

The rapid growth can easily be seen in China, Asia Pacific, and South America.

The main players in the automotive industry are used to sell globally and for this reason, they need to standardize sales and marketing strategies and should include localization.

For global expansion, it is important to get the marketing material along with user manuals translated into the native languages of different targeted regions. That’s where you need translation services.

By translating the relevant content, you can convey your message in a hassle-free manner and leave a good impression by breaking the language barrier.

By communicating with the potential customers in their own language, you can make them feel valued and attract large number of potential buyers.

Presently, selling and buying a car requires a user manual in the customer’s native language so that they can use automotive technology with ease.

Automotive Content in different Formats 

If you want to comply with automotive industry regulations and want to sell your vehicles around the globe, then automotive manufacturer needs to localize the user manuals in different formats and in different languages.

So the question is what type of content you need to localize. Once you decide to go global, you need to list down the regions you want to target first. Then, identify the widely spoken languages in those areas.

Now that you know into which languages you need to get your content translate, it is time to identify what type of content matters the most.

Well, for targeting a foreign audience, you will have to translate your online profile in their native language.

In addition to that, you will have to translate the following types of content for making your mark in the global marketplaces.

  • Websites
  • Marketing material (brochures, catalogs, and manuals)
  • User manual and guides
  • Contracts
  • Warranty
  • Software manual  for production and equipment
  • Software manual for machinery and equipment

Reducing costs and Increasing Productivity

Marketing and sales content is usually standardized in the automotive industry. Repetition and degree of regularity is the main attribute of these documents.

These attributes translated must be easier and consistent with the help of automated translation technology.

It interprets the job for the translators and makes translation easily available for end-users.

Automotive industry and language service providers are currently using this technology.

Translation Memories 

A translation memory is a database that stores previous memories. The vehicle user manual may contain a division “the smart entry and the smart system more than once.

In translation memory, words repeat once. Words are use again whenever they are require. Thus, translators are not require to translate the same terms again and again.

This helps them to speed up the localization process as it saves much of the time. Furthermore, it also increases rationality and quality.

Language repetition is bypass by translation memory in automotive documents translation.

The quality of automotive translation services is determine by the consistency and it becomes easier to maintain consistency with the help of translation memory.

Machine Translation

It is an automated software translation. To derive accurate results, machine translation is attach to the process which is classified as translation post-editing which also include human.

The integration of machine translation with human translation helps to maintain a natural flow and delivers flawlessly translated content for enhanced user-experience.


A termbase or glossary is a database which contains words related to specific subject and terminology.

Termbase can help the companies to prioritize the use of specific terminologies for technical translation and they are use consistently.

For example, in automated translation services, Caja de Cambios can always be translate as gear case, not as a gearbox or gear housing.

Treating Document Updates

The automotive industry has taken great results from Computer-assisted translation technology.

A considerable content that is produce is the updated version of existing documents which has obsolete the previous translation.

If we take the example of a car user manual and the string in the touch screen stereo, it is possible in both cases that the latest version which is produce for a certain model may include the content of the previous model.

Moreover, translation technology will update you quickly after identifying the changes in the new version.

It will save the valuable time of translators and they don’t need to compare both documents to find changes manually.


Automotive Adaptive Lighting System

Proofreading of translation

Why do we need a automate quality assurance? When is it favorable? If you have a document with only a few hundred words it is very easy to do its translation and make no errors but if you have a user manual of more than one hundred thousand words.

Localizing into ten different languages is a very different story.

Automated quality assurance direct to series of process that check the machine-detachable problems in a translation error that no seen with the naked eye, double spaces, and wrong capitalization, etc.

The software also finds the translation against the words in your glossary and gives you a threat whenever a forbidden term is use.

This method guarantees you that you are using terminology consistently on your website, user manual or marketing brochures.

Moreover Automated quality assurance will decrease the turnaround time of a translation but it will never replace the importance of human proofreaders as technology cannot register the style and tone of communication.


Automotive Control Modules

Believing in a Specialized Language Service Provider

Every company does not have the necessary expertise and skillset for handling the localization processes technology to its maximum.

Besides, some people afford to run a translation department, but still find difficulty in finding competent and talented localization teams.

This happens when they need to project the new vehicles to global markets.

It is the foremost reason why some companies prefer to outsource translation to a language service provider.  

For best results, it is critically important to find a reliable and experienced partner in the automotive translation service business.

Your partner must have experience along with the language expertise and industry-specific knowledge.


The Last Words

The Automotive translation services can help you to expand your business to global markets.

If you get your website and relevant content translated into multiple languages, you can easily market your business and become a global name.

Find a suitable partner, start, boost your journey to become a globally known name in the automotive industry,.

This will help generate more revenues from different geographical regions.

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