Formula 3 Asian Series

November 27, 2021MechVibesblog

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA) Formula 3 Asia Championship has been officially certified by the sport’s worldwide governing body. The FIA-certified F3 Asian Championship has followed the federation’s revolutionary single chassis, one engine model.

The championship emphasises performance, security, and cost management, while Asia serves as a perfect platform for both local and foreign drivers wanting to make their name in the world’s most vibrant region.

The 2021 F3 Asian Championship was a multi-event Formula 3 single-seater racing series where experienced and novice drivers competed in Formula 3 vehicles that followed the FIA Formula 3 standards.

Last year, Giti completed its fourth season as the Formula 3 Asian Championship series’ official tire sponsor and supplier. All the vehicles were equipped with GitiCompete GTR1 tires, as well as advertising and special events for Giti Tire staff members.

Teams, racers, and others from 3 continents praised the revamped single chassis, single-engine F3 series as a tremendous success when Dragon HitechGP driver Jake Hughes won the maiden round at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit.

A glimpse into the Formula 3 Asian Series

The F3 Asian Championship is a Formula 3 racing series organised by the International Formula 3 Association (FIA), which started in 2018. Top Speed, a pan-Asian promoter, was announced as the championship’s organiser on January 26th, 2018. 

Topspeed Shanghai is Asia’s largest racing and racing events firm, having been established in 2008.

Shanghai Top Speed Limited has earned enormous respect on the racetrack, as well as confidence from partners and customers, for its straightforward and sensible corporate structure and professional and efficient technical support.

The first 2018 F3 championship season comprised 15 races around Asia, spread out across 5 rounds of three-race weekends.

It includes the amateur and teams’ rankings, as well as FIA Super License points for the driver championship. Tatuus has developed and manufactured the vehicles for this competition.

The vehicles are made of carbon fibre and have a monocoque chassis with a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox and a range of additional safety measures such as the new Halo device and greater side impact protection. The vehicle is powered by an Autotecnica single-make 270 horsepower turbo engine.

2022 update

The F3 Asian Championship Certified by FIA has announced the schedule for its fifth season, which will take place at two FIA Grade I Middle East tracks: Yas Marina Circuit and Dubai Autodrome and will run continuously from January 21 to February 19.

The event is now taking registrations, and as in prior seasons, every attempt has been taken to provide optimum time on the track and the best organisational requirements for the lowest possible cost.

However, the new Race 2 top 10 reverse grids, which will be used for the first time in 2022, are intended to add to the sensation as well as the competition’s intensity.

On January 21, the championship is about to begin at the Yas Marina Circuit before heading to the Dubai Autodrome for 3 more triple-header events, the last of which will be hosted in association with the Asian Le Mans Series.

On February 18-19, the series heads to Abu Dhabi for its final season, which will also feature the Asian Le Mans Series.

In only four seasons, the F3 Asian Championship has established itself as an incredibly challenging, international championship, recruiting the finest and brightest young single-seater drivers from across the globe to compete in a professional series.

Giti Tire’s participation in the 2021 Formula 3 Asian Championship

The 2019-2020 Formula 3 Asian Championship was highly successful, with young promising racers racing for the title, all of whom were using Giti tire.

With a thrilling season finale at the 4.5km Buriram International Circuit, BlackArts Racing’s Joey Alders from Netherlands was awarded the 2020 F3 Asian Champion; a fiercely contested five-weekend season, spanning Asia and the Middle East. 

Again, for the fifth year in 2021, Giti Tire served as the series’ sole tire supplier and sponsor, committed to facilitating the development of the series’ prospective racing champions.

Last year, Giti Tire has proved to be a prominent name in the F3 Asian series held in the United Arab Emirates, with stops at two world-famous circuits – Abu Dhabi Yas Marina and Dubai Autodrome. Pietro Fittipaldi and Nikita Mazepin are the two most recent racers from the Giti-sponsored F3 Asia championship who have taken advantage of the opportunity to compete in Formula 1.

The GitiCompete GTR1 has been used by all racers in the F3 Asia series, which has been exclusively built with Giti’sworldwide R&D team and AdvanZtech unique technology to fulfil the demands of the most demanding racers.

Since the racetrack is the ultimate proving ground for tires, Giti Tire uses it to test and develop new products in the harshest racing circumstances.

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